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Urban agriculture

I am disappointed by Ben Ehrenreich's article. The urban agricultural movement has been receiving some very positive press in the New York Times and other big media. It is interesting, but not surprising, that the local network would participate in the US Social Forum. The local group does very good work and is a ray of hope.

However, is Detroit's "urban agriculture movment" the reason 20,000 participants travel from around the country to attend? It is sad that there is no mention in this article of "community based agriculture," or "indoor urban farming" or more specificity regarding the prevalence of "food deserts" in the urban polis.

There is some space devoted to bashing Park Slope food enthusiasts, with no mention that Park Slope has one of the most successful food co-ops in the country. Must be because its 15,000 members are only interested in the "slow food" movement, fancy tomatoes and such.

I'm not inspired by Ben Ehrenreich's dismissive jabs at Park Slope. What I was expecting was some honest coverage of the US Social Forum, now repackaged by the editor as "Detroit's Social Forum" and reading like a "white guilt trip" approach to the "Detroit Neighborhood Agriculture Forum."

Lawrence Gulotta

Brooklyn, New York

Jun 25 2010 - 2:40pm


Pretending that the Tea Party people are racist is laughable and deranged. In South Carolina, they just nominted a black for Congress and a Punjabi lady for governor. Abot a dozen of their main candidates have been Hispanic, like Medina in Texas and Rubio in Florida. Doesn't look very racist to me!

John D. Froelich

Upper Darby, PA

Jun 24 2010 - 8:43pm