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Nation Conversations: Ret. Col. Ann Wright on Israel's Raid

In bed with Hamas

By taking part in the “Flotilla” to Gaza, Col. (Ret.) Ann Wright, with intention or without, supports Hamas. One should compare the Hamas Charter to the first manifestos of Hitler.


Uri Zakay


Jun 27 2011 - 11:37am

Ret. Col. Ann Wright's Gaza Flotilla Experience

 I just listened to Retired Col. Ann Wright's audio recount of her experience as a participant on the Gaza flotilla and Israel's raid in international waters. I must say, you are really on to a unique, insightful form of journalism. Millions of ordinary world citizens like me spend hours combing the Internet to obtain firsthand account information. The quest to connect with unfiltered news and accounting is desired more than ever by most, but rarely found by few. While it's tempting to suggest video and pictorial to enhance the experience, it is uncertain if these wonderful audio podcasts would see any newsworthy uptick. As a long-time reader of The Nation, both in print and online, I see this platform, if properly made known and available to the public, as a sure bet that The Nation will smoothly survive the worldwide painful transition/merger or demise (insert Newsweek here) of print journalism. This is fantastic stuff, and I promise to come back looking for more. Keep up the good work and best wishes going forward.

Kennedy Jones

Californian, now living in Odense, Denmark

Jun 11 2010 - 6:24am