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Nope, sorry

Of course, I’m opposed to violence directed towards anyone. That said, it’s a lie to include trans guys as women; they are not women at all. For a man to call himself a “woman”, whether or not he’s had his genitals removed, is absurd. And it’s just plain wrong for these men to crowd themselves into all aspects of us women’s lives. They are not us—women—they are men. No amount of fantasizing can change this.


Los Angeles

Jul 22 2014 - 11:21am

A stick to beat feminists?

“By failing to connect the plight of trans women to the struggles of all women, feminists overlook the same culture of male entitlement they seek to combat.” The author wishes to attract attention to the plight of cisgender and trans women as under-represented in the national consciousness, or I think that’s what she intends. It is indeed a very serious problem, and the numbers of murdered trans women about whom no ruckus is made in the national media is scandalous: Ms. Talusan is to be thanked for bringing it to the attention of Nation readers, and for her intelligent analysis. I’ve posted it on my Facebook page—with one qualification.

How this comes to be a stick to beat “feminists” with is a ponder. No evidence is given for feminist culpability: Is the implication that the mass media responsible for the Twitter crowds’ awareness of Santa Barbara’s massacre but silent on the murder of trans women are controlled by an ignorant and bigoted feminist cabal? (Tell that to Jill Abramson et al.!) In the crowded annals of stuff feminists get blamed for, this is a new one.

Mary Baine Campbell


Jul 12 2014 - 2:04pm