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A bus matron speaks

To all who care, first I would like to say I have worked on a school bus for 14 years, as a matron to children with special needs. There is no way our salary is $35,000 as Mayor Bloomberg states, we have no sick day pay, and we are not the cause of his financial dilemma. We all take training and child safety classes periodically, and to hire workers without this training, background check and certification would be a huge mistake. Mayor Bloomberg wants you to believe we are hurting the children and parents by striking, he wants you to believe that he is interested in the welfare of our children. Get this straight, mayor Bloomberg is a businessman, period, end of story. We ride these buses each day with your kids, we wipe their tears and their noses and keep them safe. Let our companies hire anyone for a lot less and see what quality of care your children will have. This is not about our kids, it is about Mayor Bloomberg’s need for control and power. Wake up, New York, and stand up for those of us who take your kids safely to school each day. We want to return to our jobs. We are not asking for more money, we want job security, to ensure that you have experienced drivers and matrons, so when you wave goodbye to your children, you can rest easy.

Louisa Maisto

Staten Island, NY

Jan 20 2013 - 11:08am