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Last Chance for Peace in Syria?


It is highly questionable whether Mr. Brahimi will actually get this peace process off the ground without the essential aid from Russia and Iran. Although  he is foremost a leader with elevated competence for the pursuit of peace, he nevertheless will have serious difficulty getting any realization for even, at least, a cease-fire. The problem is no longer the Russians or the Iranians but a poisoning of the well contributed to by all, especially the United States in its haste to use “democratization” of the Middle East, which started as as early as 1992 when a little-known cable advocated US dominance there and, later, expressed itself as the Project for a New American Century. Assad, as abhorrent as he and his thugs have been, offered the avenue to Mr. Bush in 2004 or near that time for a better understanding between the new parties. But predictably, Mr. Bush and his minions decided to ride into the East thinking that they were rescuing some Arab damsel in distress on some railroad track and forgetting about the steam locomotive immediately behind them. Well, we now know that the locomotive has caught up with us and we may be on that same railroad track and in distress as much as any damsel ever was. That Mrs. Clinton has apparently failed to see this coming while playing the 2012 version of the “Great Game” leaves Mr. Brahimi with the almost impossible task that you accurately assessed.

Riad Mahayni

North Chesterfield, VA

Aug 24 2012 - 1:32pm