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Women for Paid Sick Days

The fight in Orange County

The article on paid sick time was appreciated. We in Orange County are currently experiencing fall-out from a defeated attempt to put an earned sick-time initiative on the county ballot for November 6, 2012. Citizens for a Greater Orange County collected 50,000 vetted petitions to earn a place on the ballot. The Orange County commissioners and the Orlando Chamber of Commerce maneuvered to deny it from getting on the ballot. The Orlando Sentinel is covering the story, citing the loss of voter confidence in their elected officials. County Mayor Teresa Jacobs ran her campaign in 2010 on her history of ethical behavior as a previous commissioner. This story just keeps getting more intriguing, with deleted text messages to a Disney lobbyist by one of the commissioners during the commission meeting while the debate about the measure was ongoing for six hours on September 11. It occurs to me that this story could make interesting reading for progressives who support earned sick time. Orange County was chosen due to the high number of service-industry jobs and no sick time for employees, much less healthcare. Scott Maxwell of the Sentinel has written several pieces calling out the county commissioners, and there have been investigative reports done on the NBC affiliate, WESH. The Chamber of Commerce has been knee-deep in fighting to keep this measure off the ballot. I hope that someone on your staff pays attention to this. Chris Hayes on MSNBC covered it in a brief piece recently as well. I hope this gets your attention.

Jill R.Heroux

Orlando, FL

Oct 16 2012 - 3:37pm