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Con Ed Workers and Allies Rally in Union Square to End Lockout

Batman and Robin, where are you?

…Gotham City, a k a the Big Apple, is rotting away. The great People are in dire straits and need your help. Mayor Mike Doomberg & the Dumb Governor Andy Slomo are out to get the masses. They are placing this Great Metropolis in grave danger for their greed & control.

They are allowing the Corporate Evil Giant Conn-Ed total control over the electrical supply system to this Great City. The Board of Dictators lead by Mr. Kevin the Jerk Burke & his evil kick-in-the-side Mr. Poison (Craig) Ivey have locked out & demoralized the rank & file workers. Along with the other evil members of the Board of Dictators, they are threatening the security of the power system to the metropolitan area for their greed & control.

These evil moguls are placing the good people in the Greater Metropolitan Area in a time warp. A power failure will place us somewhere in the early nineteenth century. No cellphones, TVs, security systems, A/C, elevators, mass transit (no trains, street lights or signals), hospital services, the list goes on and on.

Is this fair, to hold this great city in fear?

So Conn-Ed, you have the masses under your evil threat. Maybe a complete system outage wouldn’t happen, but the news is reporting various outages in this region.

Is this how you plan to rule the Metro Area?

Shame on you all. What rock will you hide under then? If a failure occurs?

Does this Board of Dictators have any conscience?

What happens to the sick & infirm-ed? The people who placed you in office? Total disrespect and arrogance for these fine citizens. Remember, what goes up must come down. Get ready when election time comes, Mr. Slomo & all you crooked politicians. Fail the people, they will not forget.

Good stockholders of Consolidated Edison, beware—you have a bunch of baboons running your company. Mr. Kevin the Jerk should be eliminated from power. An investigation by the PSC should be performed.

Con Ed made record earnings last year, $1 billion, and didn’t pay federal taxes three years in a row. The Board of Dictators got a 20 percent raise across the board. Mr. Jerk made $11 million in cash, with an $18 million guaranteed pension bailout.

They, the “corporate gangsters,” want to abolish the defined pension plan for the union workers that has been in existence for seventy years. A pension plan that has $8 billion in capital. The interest earned pays for all the retirees’ benefits. These Corporate Moguls want to gain access to this $8 billion for their greed & control—liquidate the assets & possibly sell the company to some foreign conglomerate.

Lockout: no wages & limited medical coverage for 8,500 families. How disgraceful. All for corporate greed & control.

Where is the justice? Wake up, Gotham, your great city is going down.

Batman & Robin, where the heck are you?

Dennis J. Scurto

Brooklyn, NY

Jul 22 2012 - 11:52pm