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Occupy the Media—and the Message

Randi Rhodes said it

If I may, I haven’t participated in this current “occupy” but my sympathies are with it. Early, in the first week of the movement, a quasi representative, a person who had been at the beginning occupy called in to the Randi Rhodes, the radio personality. Although the caller was quite lucid, she did not seem to grasp the one positive suggestion that Rhodes made repeatedly to no avail: that the movement should, for tactical success, concentrate on a single theme or statement or position. This, even though the protest encompassed at least ten years of built-up frustration on a number of subjects for all kinds of people. It was a matter of making a simply, easy to grasp statement...and it was not done right away, and to my knowledge never done, so naturally you have a diffused movement at this point.

Richard Harris

Desert Hot Springs, CA

Mar 19 2012 - 12:50am