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Why are “they” the terrorists but not “US”?

“Why is it that when an American soldier slaughters people, he’s considered possibly mentally ill and suffering from PTSD, but when an Afghan villager who suffered through three decades of unimaginable violence, perhaps losing family members and friends, commits an act of horrific violence he’s considered a terrorist?” Very good question Mr.Dreyfuss. But why stop there? Why is it that the United States can bomb people indiscriminately from Vietnam to Iraq, Afghanistan and Panama (just to keep the examples brief), but when it, (the US) is bombed, it’s the end of Western Civilization at the hands of barbaric hordes, jihadists, communists etc. ad nauseam? Why is it that Israel can hoard over 200 nuclear weapons with not so much as a squeak from the US, the UN, the European Union etc., but all hell breaks loose when the Iranians just “might” want to have a little nooky of their own? The examples could go on and on, so let me say in brief the reason why, and get a medal (perhaps)?

The reason is simply that in this world, regardless of the hypocritical platitudes of fair play which are expected—nay, demanded—of the “other” guy, “we” being the “good guys” the “most powerful” guys are under no such compunction. Power and Domination are the name of the game and damn the torpedoes. The rational for this thinking is that the “other” guys would do the same and at the end of the day, better “US” than them. That is why “we” are all going to Hell. Does this answer the question, Mr. Dreyfuss?

Bogos Kalemkiar


Mar 18 2012 - 5:47pm