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Boycott Campaign Contributions? That's a Terrible Idea

No, it's a good idea

The CEO of Starbucks has it half-right. We need to cut off all contributionns to current members of Congress. The political conributions have become the reins by which the large special interest groups control the US government. The average citizen is merely a grain of sand on the beach to be walked upon by politicians that ae wholly owned subsidiaries of the special interest groups. We, unfortunately, do need to elect replacements for the incompetent crooks currently in power. This will be a six-year process. Initially, we will replace the full House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate. in subsequent elections we replace the remaining two-thirds of the Senate. New candidates will need funding to fight the funding special interest groups give their slaves. The American public should do the following. 1. Give no money to anyone who has ever held elected office anywhere. 2. Vote only for candidates who have never held elected office. We need a clean slate.

W. Sivill

St. Louis

Aug 15 2011 - 12:07pm