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Cornel West v. Barack Obama

West has some valid points

One thing we must remember: as an elected official, it is not in anyone's interest to be Obama's defender. Mr. West has every right to take issue with what Obama has done, as you have. In other words, no one needs to cheerlead for a man who works for us, not vice versa. That being said, Mr. West goes off into the dangerous land of stereotypical anti-Semitism with his screed about Obama's predilection for rich, white Jews. I would think West would know better than to sink into such infantile comments. It also looks to me like the author of the criticism of West seems to have some drama between her and Tavis Smiley. Let’s get real here. How close has Obama been to African-Americans in America? What has been done to solve the unemployment problems for them which is much higher than for whites? Why does Obama support policies in education that hurt rather than help African-American schoolchildren?

Murton Edelstein

Keyport, NJ

May 19 2011 - 1:20pm