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After Osama bin Laden's Death, an End to 'Bad Guys'

Who is guilty?

Someone said, “There are no bad guys, only those with different opinions.” Osama bin laden, they say, believed that Americans were infidels, He was a spiritual leader and helped raise money for his followers to kill for these beliefs. How many American tax dollars have been spent on ammunition and military to kill for our beliefs? Just wondering.

Beverly Anslow

Gladstone, OR

May 8 2011 - 1:33pm

After Osama bin Laden's Death, an End to 'Bad Guys'

All sorts of baddies

I am in agreement with this article. There are a variety of “bad guys” around the world. Al Qaeda is an important terrorist organization, but we have more secular “bad guys” whose policies may have influenced the creation of that organization. Many of the Egyptian members of Al Qaeda were jailed by secular Egyptian dictators. They may have been dangerous people, but Middle Eastern prisons might really warp their perspective. These secular “bad guys” use the same violent methods as religious “bad guys.” The major difference between state terrorism and independent terrorist organizations is the former has heavy weapons to terrorize the population, and the latter does not have these weapons. It has also become apparent that secular “bad guys” position themselves as the lesser evil.

We also have our “bad guys” in government and the the media. I turned on CNNI this morning, and they had Wolf Blitzer from CNN “reporting” on Obama’s visit to Ground Zero today! The first rhetorical question was “Is his visit politically motivated?” I have turned off CNNI for the morning. Al Jazeera has become my favorite cable news channel.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

May 5 2011 - 1:10pm