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Confronting the Coded Racism of Donald Trump

Il Douche

Old racist ideas never die in the USA, and conspirationist theories abound. In a country where education is seriously endangered, where a third of the people believe that the president is a Muslim, where half of the peope do not read newspapers but get their information from propaganda machines like Fox TV, in a country where there are more non-voters than voters, it is not amazing that people like Donald Trump (who has been a business flop already several times) can thrive. I believe that Donald Trump would be as good a president as Mussolini or Berlusconi (the majority of the American people would not even know these populist politicians), especially if he teamed up with a lunatic personality like Sarah P. I do hope that the American people are intelligent enough to re-elect President Obama and not get into the quagmire of racism, conspiration theories and right-wing Republicanism.

Peter Ripken

Frankfurt, GERMANY

Apr 29 2011 - 11:00am