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Why President Obama Is Losing the Budget Fight

He's not “losing,” we are

It was never anything but a matter of time until Democrats, unable to ignore the losses caused to them by an illegal war, began to ask themselves about other things, about the way a presidential candidate, a multimillionaire, could’ve been unaware of coming bank bailouts. Barack Obama didn’t have any competition in the 2008 presidential election because Republicans didn’t give him any. The last thing desired by those who’d invested themselves in the war was to be represented by someone who’d promised to end that war quickly. Barack Obama is not “losing the budget fight” anywhere but in the imaginations of those who are still invested in him personally. The more Obama “loses” in the “budget fight,” the more well off he and his family stand to be. The price he’ll pay: assuming the role of elder statesman. “Skunked” is the condition that Ari Berman would do well to investigate. “Compromise” is what Barack Obama needs to do, with the members of his own party.

J.E. Bernecky

Westover, PA

Apr 12 2011 - 8:39am