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Remembering the Triangle Fire

The power of a song

The labor movement was strongly reflected in the folk music scene by the likes of Pete Seeger, Joan Baez and others. Notably Pete Seeger's “Which Side Are You On?” resounds in my head. The folk/Americana music genre is overshadowed by the more commercial aspects of any generation’s pop music, but there are always those musicians out there who have not lost touch with the ordinary daily struggles and emotions of the people. One example is Misner and Smith, whose song, “Triangle Factory Fire,” written in 2004 after a visit to New York by Sam Misner, captures the immigrant workers’ hopes and dreams and the realities of their lives. Music links the hearts of the people and has energized and supported those fighting for the common dream. My hope is that somehow through a leader or a song our disparate groups can come together and sound the call to the heart of the american people so that they stand strong in the belief that in taking care of each other we take care of all.

Peggy Smith

Davis, CA

Mar 26 2011 - 3:02pm