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Viewing Conditions: On Jonathan Rosenbaum

Two quibbles and a compliment

Given that John Ford directed well over a hundred films before he made The Sun Shines Bright, I’m curious to know by what rationale the author considers it an “early” masterpiece. The word “superlative” is not an adjective; it is a noun signifying a member of a category of adjectives. I do not come to The Nation to play Mad Libs.

On the whole, however, that was an excellent review. The last paragraph in particular (the one containing that ugly word, “superlative”) made me want to read Rosenbaum's essay, then hunt down an illegal underground screening of Los Angeles Plays Itself, which would be, I suspect, the quintessential cinephilic experience.

James McCaffery

Brooklyn, NY

Feb 7 2011 - 8:12pm