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Live From the Egyptian Revolution

Democracy is in the streets

I am Danish. Here and in the other Western countries the people are just the other side of the non-democratic system that runs the world. Our leaders are doing what they can to make us stay asleep, while they are busy arranging it all, so their strategies for military and oil dominance can stay as they are. We do not have democracy here. We are being anesthetized with luxury items and fear of Islam. We are getting suffocated from lack of oxygen, the oxygen of being alive and living together, in joy and freedom with our brothers and sisters all around the globe. We are captured, each in our own home with our own TV, which gives us talk shows and lies. My hope is that we in Denmark and the Western countries will hear the cry from you, our Egyptian brothers and sisters, wake up, go into the streets and fight for democracy here and in the whole world—hold hands with you in the Arab countries, unite, and together build a free world. We are constantly and increasingly told how afraid we should be of Islam. We are paralyzed with bad conscience and egoism. You in Egypt have the courage and power. I honor and thank you! Dear Western fellow citizens, let’s meet in the cold streets—now!

Lotte Bering

Tisvildeleje, DENMARK

Jan 31 2011 - 6:08am