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What Are the Dems Doing Wrong?

The Democrats are doing nothing wrong

It's important to view the Democrats' behavior in two ways: (1) in an absolute sense; and (2) in a context-based sense.

In an absolute sense, the Democrats are doing nothing wrong. They are simply trying to preserve their jobs to the greatest extent possible in a country that, for a number of reasons, right now has an easily confused electorate that is not very good at critical thinking. A large number of Americans want cognitively dissonant aims: balanced budgets combined with lower taxes and expansive social services; good schools and science combined with an inability to publicly challenge religion; there are many other examples that can be found in just five or ten minutes of brainstorming. Trying to lead such an electorate is an extremely difficult task, and points to one of the major difficulties with having a successful democracy over the long term.

In the context of the current political climate, the Democrats could do a better job of pleasing their base, but the fact is that the United States continues to have a mentality shaped by the frontier experience and Horatio Alger. We think that if things aren't working, we should just be able to pick up and move west, maybe kill some Native Americans, and start over. The idea is that we can all be self-made people, if we're just willing to do whatever it takes. Unfortunately, the world seems to be currently trending away from this reality (if it ever really was true), but people can't hear difficult truths until they've hit bottom and become teachable, and the American people are not ready/willing/able to digest reality. So, the Democrats will pour money into elections, try to hang on to whatever they can, and continue to resemble their ideological opponents because the current campaign finance system forces everyone to sell themselves out.

More is possible, but in order for it to happen, the country needs to evolve. Most leaders act out of a sense of self-preservation, and will only do what the people allow them to do. Every once in a while, an enlightened leadership can bring a people to a better place, but in a center-right country like the United States that is trying to hang on to its crumbling economy, empire and sense of status, people are probably too ignorant and scared to allow this to happen.

Alexander Wilson

Denver, CO

Oct 31 2010 - 2:34pm

Re 'What Are the Dems Doing Wrong?'


Self-negating positions on policies relating to the decline of the middle class; that's the problem with Democrats in general and liberals in particular.

Bud Ilic

Bloomington, IL

Oct 27 2010 - 4:07pm

Re 'What Are the Dems Doing Wrong?'

Without jobs, we're sunk!

It is all about jobs! The Republican candidates for governor and the Senate should be a Democrat's dream. Whitman laid off 10 percent of the employees at Ebay and walked off with a fortune. Fiorina, the former head of BP, outsourced 33,000 jobs to China and India. She too walked away from HP with a fortune. To top it off, she also made the laid-off employees train their foreign replacements.

Obama has bailed out the financial markets that caused this depression, but has done very little to bail out Main Street. The talk on Wall Street is that the financial markets may be bailed out once more after the election. If this happens, Democrats will be in big trouble in 2012. Voters do not like the financial markets or the banks, and whatever party survives the 2010 election will be toast if they don't get serious creating jobs. Since these jobs support 70 percent of the economy, everybody will go down the tubes if they disappear.

You cannot fix the world's free-trade economy. But you can fix the American economy behind high tariffs that make imports too expensive to buy. Combine tariffs with government stimulation, repairing and rebuilding our Infrastructure, and you can pull this country out of it's depression. We need to rebuild our independent national that made us a major industrial power.

The Democrats will lose big time in 2012 if they ignore Main Street, but you can also count on Republicans to really screw up the economy if they win, because they don't care at all about ordinary people. So both mainstream parties will be toast after 2012.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Oct 27 2010 - 3:15pm