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He's no help to the Palestinians

Excellent points, Ari, perhaps understated.

I would add another major casualty to your list of progressive goals undercut by Rahm: Mideast peace. If one were looking for an effective strategy to end Israel's military occupation of what should become an autonomous Palestinian state, it might not have been a great idea to begin by hiring a COO whose middle name is Israel (it really is) and who has long favored unconditional US support for Israel.

Also, though I would greatly like to see a major shakeup of the White House staff, I'm not sure Obama should get any credit if Rahm leaves of his own accord. That's not a shakeup; it's just rats deserting a sinking ship.

Ken Burgdorf

Derwood, MD

Sep 13 2010 - 12:44pm

Who is crazy here?

It started with the rumors that President Obama is not a US citizen. It escalated with insinuations that Mr. Obama is a secret Muslim. It took off with a fierce opposition to building an Islamic cultural center in New York. It exploded with the plan to burn as many Korans as possible in a tiny church down in Florida.

But none of those actions are crazy. What's crazy is what President Obama does and says.

He repeatedly said that the ties between the USA and Israel are unbreakable and provided the latter with endless political, diplomatic, financial and military aid to support the never-ending occupation of Palestine (since 1967 and counting…). President Obama doesn’t care that US missiles in the hands of Israeli Army are being launched into heavily populated city quarters to assassinate some terrorists, although any imbecile can be sure that those attacks would kill dozens of innocent civilians too. Mr. Obama personally authorized hundreds of missile attacks in Pakistan that killed thousands of innocent civilians, without ever being honest with the US public and accepting the responsibility for those actions. Mr. Obama has warm and cozy personal relationships with the worst Arab dictators in the region who deprive their people of basic human rights and freedom. President Obama oversees the prolonged occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq that represent a blatant intervention in the internal affairs of foreign countries. President Obama is determined to stop the Iranian (potentially peaceful, no contrary evidence is available up to this date) nuclear program although such a demand could push our country into a very bloody war.

It is President Obama who is really dangerous here, not anybody else mentioned above.

The USA can demolish every single mosque in America and can ban any single copy of the Koran in this country and not a single Muslim should be upset over those actions because the identical principles of religious exclusivity are in effect in a cradle of the Islam in Saudi Kingdom.

It is the actions of the White House that create the revolt in the Muslim world, not some lunatic pastor from Gainesville, Florida.

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

Sep 9 2010 - 9:25am