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It is so good to see, hear and read impartial responses to Israel's attack on Gaza. As it was written (regarding the Toronto Film Festival and Tel Aviv as a choice for celebratory spotlight) in one of your previous issues, the Gaza interest has faded and it's not good. It is so vital that the Goldstone report has been carried out. The West is so unfortunately biased towards Israel, which needs to change. I became very optimistic with Obama's election and I hope he won't dissapoint. The world must be tougher with Israel. How they keep getting away with the occupation, settlements and treatment of the Palestinians is inconceivable. Nothing is to their taste--a dual-state solution, or one federative state. They just want the entire land, minus the Palestinian population. Thank you for being objective and printing articles about this conflict.

daisy levi

Chicago, IL

Oct 5 2009 - 8:54pm