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An anecdotal history of New York City street art.

Is a new, computer-generated poetry anthology as intriguing--and boring--as the lifework of any fairly prolific poet?

What is it about Slovene poetry that has attracted so many American poets?

Why do Internet boosters continue to confuse social networking with art?

Why the commentariat's response to hand-wringing about "the decline of reading" condescends to the large mass of nonspecialist readers.

With his new play Kicking a Dead Horse, Sam Shepard is still stranded in a prairie of tough-guy cliché.

A French pundit's short journey from Maoism to the cult of moi.

A jazz writer pays tribute to his longtime collaborator on The Penguin Guide to Jazz.

How Judith Thompson's play about Abu Ghraib falls short.

Slavoj Žižek's newest book may
cause readers to conclude that the superstar philosopher has misplaced
his marbles.