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'Citizens United' and the Corporate Court

Giving corporations the inalienable right to buy elections.

One Nation by and for the Corporations

Courts that shelter the powerful and evict the little guy.

The Court’s next project: saving Wall Street from Dodd-Frank.

Isolating America's Workers

The pendulum swings hard against the rights of labor.

Helping the big get bigger, the strong get stronger.

Today’s justices do not hear the real America.

The Way Forward

Fight for a Court that speaks of and for the rest of us.


Amazon’s relentless cost-cutting hits workers hardest.

October 10, 2014

The country’s worst voter suppression law is now in effect for the midterms.

October 8, 2014

Clinics in Texas that were recently forced to stop providing abortions because of sweeping new regulations have filed an emergency appeal to the court.

October 7, 2014

Marriage licenses will be issued immediately after the Court declined to hear challenges.

October 6, 2014

The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision is a victory for the forces of nonsense.

July 9, 2014

The US government has until Tuesday evening to explain to a federal judge why men held at Guantánamo do not have the same religious freedoms as Hobby Lobby.

July 8, 2014

The Hobby Lobby case is more clearly aimed at women, but Harris v. Quinn may prove even more consequential for the lives of working women.

July 7, 2014

It only took a day for the Court’s “limited” Hobby Lobby decision to start to crack open.

July 2, 2014

The justices didn’t quote Christian Parenti, but they should have.

June 25, 2014

Two years after the Supreme Court ruled the practice unconstitutional, many states are still able to send children to die in prison without recourse.

June 25, 2014