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The Radical and the Republican traces the antislavery politics of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.

The Annotated Uncle Tom's Cabin explores one of the most influential novels in American history.

Two new books examine the diverse and ambitious alliances that led to the end of slavery in America.

Vincent Carretta's Equiano, the African is the complex narrative of a Carolina
slave who bought his freedom, married an English woman and published a
memoir on his life as a seafarer and gentleman.

Jill Lepore's New York Burning paints a realistic portrait of a
purported slave rebellion in 1741 and the hysteria that followed, a
harrowing lesson of how abusers of power become haunted by the
nightmare of retribution.

Those who believe that slavery in America was strictly a "Southern
thing" will discover an eye-opening historical record on display at the
New-York Historical Society's current exhibition, "Slavery in New

Chronicling the final, devastating months of the Civil War, E.L.
Doctorow's new novel, The March, reveals the author's complex
love for an earlier version of America.

What Michael Lind believes Abraham Lincoln believed.

A misleading history of the Underground Railroad.

For abolitionist John Brown, equality was not a theoretical stance but a daily practice.


In one film, grateful black people; in the other, the vengeful ones.

December 25, 2012