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As a bookseller, Amazon has left no corner of the publishing world untouched. What will happen as it ventures into publishing original content?

The Amazon Effect

Amazon got big fast, hastening the arrival of digital publishing. But how big is too big?

Marga Schoeller Bücherstube, one of Berlin’s many renowned independent bookstore

In Germany, fixed-price laws curtail the power of retail chains and help to sustain a vibrant literary culture.

Cover of GRANTA Magazine

Under the editorship of John Freeman and Ellah Allfrey, Granta is thriving again.

Ann Blair’s Too Much to Know explains how across the centuries the profusion of information has always inspired readers to invent shortcuts to knowledge.

Is the cultural commons a viable alternative to the copyright regime, or does it risk turning culture into a consumerist slum?

Remembering Ben Sonnenberg (1936–2010)—writer, publisher, boulevardier—and his quarterly, Grand Street.

It's big, cheap and convenient. But does the online bookseller really serve readers' interests?

The Letters of Sylvia Beach; Günter Eich's Angina Days: Selected Poems


There is no avoiding the inherently alienating consequences of trying to earn a living through the production of words.

May 30, 2014

The conversation about diversity in Science Fiction & Fantasy reveals how racism constrains even imagination. 

September 10, 2013

 Who gives a [insert expletive] about an Oxford comma?

July 11, 2011

A historian admits he denounced rivals anonymously on the internet.

April 19, 2010