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Before most votes were cast in the November 2 presidential election, and before any of them were counted, tens of millions of Americans worried about whether the nation's patchwork of systems for

This election is a referendum on William
Rehnquist's Supreme Court.

"Mosh" could be one of the most overtly political pop music videos ever produced.

Nader backers support Kerry more than Bush, Nation Institute poll shows.

Reservists mutiny in Iraq, old people keel over standing in line for flu shots and all sorts of cats leap out of Bush's bag of secrets: According to Ron Suskind's revelatory New York Times Mag

Survey finds risk of swaying election to Bush major concern of Nader

The Bush era has seen an explosion of sharply political creativity.

The election season is always hellish for people who fancy that they live by political principles, because at such a time "politics" becomes, even more than usually, a matter of show business and

George W. Bush said Saddam Hussein's brutal regime had chemical and biological weapons and a revived nuclear weapons program. It did not.

Not being "middle class," the poor have been invisible in this campaign.