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Following the quirky, revolutionary life path of one of the most celebrated twentieth-century intellectuals.

Just as Moby-Dick was too much for Ahab, our new century may be too difficult for us to comprehend.

Two authors posit very different views on the problem of religious conflict in a supposedly secular age.

Two writers explore the perversion of our collective imagination and the ways that science and myth shape our understanding of spirituality.

A new biography of William James portrays a man who made a brilliant career of asking tough questions.

Philosopher Walter Benjamin married Marxism and theology in an attempt
to give hope to the hopeless.

Nikolai Bukharin's Philosophical Arabesques is more than a
cul-de-sac on the road from Marx to Stalin; the book defines a
political path still not taken.

In Songs of Experience, Martin Jay examines modern debates over the relationship between theory and the lived world.

In Frontiers of Justice, philosopher Martha Nussbaum explores our moral
obligations to the disabled, to nonhuman animals and to the unresolved
areas of international law.

Two new books explore the work of philosophers
Emmanuel Levinas and Martin Heidegger.