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For William James, all our certitudes depend on the pretense that there are no radical mysteries underlying them.

The enigma of George Price: He derived an equation for the evolution of altruism, yet he died believing himself a failed good Samaritan.

The axis of moral struggle, a stroke of salvation--these are the spiritual dimensions of Tolstoy's late fiction.

In their discussions of justice, Michael Sandel and Amartya Sen endorse communal good but slight collective endeavor.

Is the task of philosophy "to learn how to die," or to teach that there is no such thing as a good death?

Thomas Hobbes sensed the revolutionary impulses of early modern Europe and transformed them into a defense of the most hidebound form of rule.

Philosopher Alva Noë talks about the brain, consciousness and animal rights.

In our imperfect world, only the lucky few have access to wealth and cultural riches. There is a better way: it's called The Commons.

We get it. He's pragmatic. But what does that mean--politically and philosophically?

Suddenly, Obama's making a pretty good case for why Americans should once again care for one another.