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Why are moral and political thinkers failing to engage with the true, dispiriting scale of market sovereignty?

Michael Gazzaniga

If our brains act according to the causal laws governing all matter, in what sense can we be said to be free?

Friedrich Nietzsche circa 1869

Why early twentieth-century Americans—from anarchists to Baptist ministers—fell for the philosophy of Nietzsche.

Cigarette card, circa 1922–39

Bettany Hughes's biography of Socrates is a book that Socrates himself, on a mean day, would have torn to shreds.

If peacemaking is teachable, why are school so reluctant to offer classes in peace studies?

David Brooks

The Social Animal is a deep and public embarrassment, a lumpy hybrid of fable, neuroscience and social engineering.

Reclaiming the Politics of Freedom

Since the ’70s, liberals and leftists have misidentified the source of conservatism’s appeal.

With Examined Lives, James Miller offers a serious and readable study of the relationship between philosophy and life conduct.

With a sharp eye for cultural patterns and a keen feel for the shape of a story, Claude Lévi-Strauss was a poet in the laboratory of anthropology.