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Timothy Garton Ash is a fine writer of "analytic reportage," but his work has lately displayed symptoms of columnitis.

The continuous readjustment of expectations downward: For historians like Jefferson Cowie and Judith Stein, that was the key experience of the 1970s.

Christine Stansell's The Feminist Promise is a landmark book, yet is indifferent to the role of ideas in feminism's history.

In Our Orbit: Tom Engelhardt's The American Way of War.

The myths and misconceptions that distort the beauty and problems of the Plains.

One year later, the blockbuster Game Change can be read as much for how little election narratives explain about history as for the story of the 2008 campaign.

Ruth Harris's Dreyfus; Deborah Amos's Eclipse of the Sunnis.

Because of Gaza, "everything is tainted" in Israel, according to Gideon Levy.

In The Death and Life of the Great American School System, Diane Ravitch has found a new métier as a critic of neo-capitalist school reform.


A new book takes exciting and historic trends a step too far.

March 23, 2012

Ahmed Chalabi’s daughter recounts the family’s saga and the ancien regime.

March 7, 2011