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Four authors examine the evolution of the social sciences and how academic theorizing impacted global affairs before and after Vietnam.

Elizabeth Pisani and Jonny Steinberg explore antipodal aspects of the fight against AIDS.

Veteran journalist Dick Meyer discusses America's love-hate relationship with itself.

Ingrid Rowland's Giordano Bruno rediscovers the Renaissance philosopher and heretic.

William Eskridge's Dishonorable Passions is the first comprehensive history of sodomy law in America.

Two new books explore the states of wonder and mortification evoked by baseball.

A collection of oral histories reveal a new understanding of the modern Chinese experience.

Readers of Fidel Castro's My Life will find explanations of the Cuban Revolution, but no apologies for its suppression of dissent.

Two new anthologies explore the virtues and occasional shortcomings of Bill McKibben's quest for environmental salvation.

The narrative journalism of David Samuels finds conversation, color and conflict in the vortex of American life.


A new book takes exciting and historic trends a step too far.

March 23, 2012

Ahmed Chalabi’s daughter recounts the family’s saga and the ancien regime.

March 7, 2011