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In response to Herbert Aptheker's critical review of The Confessions of Nat Turner the late William Styron wrote a passionate letter to the editor in defense of his novel.

Democracy demands that journalists tell the truth. The success of liars
like Bob Novak and Ann Coulter is a greater threat to America than a
truck full of terrorists bent on doing us harm.

David "Duff" Dretzin had a big heart, a social conscience and a keen
sense of humor. He will be missed.

If certain acts in violation of treaties are crimes, they are crimes whether the United States does them or whether Germany does them, and we are not prepared to lay down a rul

Richard Schickel's biography of Elia Kazan is a laudatory
postscript to a life marked by social turmoil, political strife and
artistic intensity.

Cesar, who was always good at symbols, saved his best for last: a simple pine box, fashioned by his brother's hands, carried unceremoniously through the Central Valley town he made famous.

The recent controversy over false claims in James Frey's
The recent controversy over false claims in James Frey's
best-selling memoir "A Million Little Pieces" raises questions about
the ethics of the author and of the publishing industry at large.
This article opened a 1978 The Nation forum on "Truth in

The illegality of the Bush-approved NSA domestic spying program seems obvious, especially with the passage of FISA in 1978, which requires electronic surveillance to be conducted only with a court order. But in 1983, years before Bush and 9/11, there was some question if the legislation was effective protecting the civil liberties of Americans.

Eugene McCarthy, the Minnesota senator, frequent presidential candidate
and poet who died Saturday at age 89, never had a chance at the
Democratic nomination in 1968. But his passionate anti-Vietnam war
campaign would change the course of the war.

Despite its controversy, World AIDS Day has demonstrated how vast and global the AIDS movement has gone. While the extent of AIDS advocacy was not as far-reaching then, in 1987 a burgeoning movement of health care practitioners and gay activists battled the FDA's questionable policies on AIDS drugs experimentation, which included excluding women and i.v. users from drug trials.


Meditations on writers’ conferences, Schlesinger Jr. on America, an Auden poem.

May 15, 2014

Ramachandra Guha’s essay in next week’s issue is only the latest in a long line of critical appreciations of the late historian’s work to be published in The Nation.

November 2, 2013

During his Congressional run in 1960, the late writer and Nation contributor fired back at a less-than-friendly newspaper publisher.

October 8, 2012

 A new participatory documentary captures the excitement of Obama's election.

March 10, 2010