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At the National Women's Party convention, party leaders spurned black women who sought to be included in the suffragist agenda.

When the Democrats nominated William Jennings Bryan as their presidential candidate, The Nation was skeptical.

Post-cold war America is looking a lot like the former Soviet Union.

How Alexander Hamilton "fell into as difficult a position as a public man has ever known, and extricated himself by means which show how much the conventional standards of morals have changed in America since his time."

A not-too-fond remembrance of "Squire Willie,"
patron saint of post-World War II American conservatism.

"I went to Russia believing myself a communist, but contact with those
who have no doubts has intensified a thousandfold my own doubts...of every creed
so firmly held that for its sake men are willing to inflict widespread misery."

On Saturday, June 27, 1924, "men and women suddenly rose up after days of utterly degraded and demoralizing
vaudeville performances to declaim with passion about two big subjects."

Seldom has a state been created under such contradictory pressures or with such a load of full-grown problems.


The Nation’s archives, Henry James wrote in our fiftieth anniversary issue, “compose the record of the general life of civilization.”

March 18, 2015

“A new deal is needed in the world,” The Nation said, but FDR was not the man to deliver it.

January 30, 2015

Meditations on writers’ conferences, Schlesinger Jr. on America, an Auden poem.

May 15, 2014

Ramachandra Guha’s essay in next week’s issue is only the latest in a long line of critical appreciations of the late historian’s work to be published in The Nation.

November 2, 2013

During his Congressional run in 1960, the late writer and Nation contributor fired back at a less-than-friendly newspaper publisher.

October 8, 2012

 A new participatory documentary captures the excitement of Obama's election.

March 10, 2010