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How programmers, journalists and immigrant rights advocates are redefining hacking—for immigrant justice.

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In her book Captive Audience, Susan Crawford shows how media giants exert a stranglehold over consumers and government.

The mainstream media is falling victim to a cult of balance—and it's time for progressives to fight back by more effectively leveraging their message. 

Peter Van Buren is a State Department employee—who might get fired for disseminating public information about WikiLeaks online.

Melissa Harris-Perry argues that social media platforms offer a voice to segments of the American population that might not have had one before.

Fox News regularly peddles misinformation and openly supports Republican candidates while pretending to be “fair and balanced.” It’s time to start asking some tough questions.

The state still controls the media in post-revolution Egypt, but an independent press is emerging.

The Comcast/NBC Universal merger has wide implications for all citizens.

Faced with the cynical coverage of the mainstream media, what can ordinary Americans do to work toward an alternative that more accurately reflects the problems facing our country today?

WikiLeaks is not the one-off creation of a solitary genius, and with or without Julian Assange, it is not going away.


Five years after the tragedy in the Gulf, The Nation continues to follow the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

August 27, 2010