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NSA surveillance

The NSA isn’t the only government agency exploiting technology to make privacy obsolete.

Westgate Mall

The reports I’ve seen describe Nairobi’s Westgate mall as upscale, but that’s not the whole story, and not how I remember it.

Barack Obama

When Obama announced a review of surveillance practices, he was compelled by Snowden’s heroic actions.

Bradley Manning

What if your country begins to change and no one notices?


The making of the US surveillance state, 1898–2020.


Solitary Watch reports that eight to nine prisoners are taking part in the strike, held at the federal government’s highest-security prison.

February 27, 2014

A federal ruling reveals a wrongly checked box landed Rahinah Ibrahim on the TSA's no-fly list.

February 7, 2014

Industrial rock band Skinny Puppy doesn't want its music to be used "as a weapon."

February 5, 2014

It might have to reform itself, first. 

January 30, 2014

“Unwarranted government surveillance is an intrusion on basic human rights.”

January 24, 2014

The main difference between the Church Committee’s investigations of 1975–76 and the discussion of NSA spying now is that back then, the spooks stopped the abuses themselves.

January 17, 2014

A transcript of the president's speech on national security and intelligence reforms

January 17, 2014

Mayor de Blasio inherits an intelligence apparatus that has spied on Muslims, infiltrated protest groups and created a huge electronic surveillance network.

January 17, 2014

It sounds far-fetched, but the US has a history of high-level snooping.

October 29, 2013

Activists want a full public accounting of the NSA’s and the FBI’s data collection programs.

October 25, 2013