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What passes now for West Wing policy is whatever will cover their
collective derrieres.

The unmanned vehicle is "bored out of its mind."

President Bush said Monday that members of the opposition party are the only ones who can make the November operation a success.

"I try to put a little extra love in each seam I stitch, or epoxy, or hot-glue, or heat-seal," said factory worker Weninng Panggi.

The President urged Congress Tuesday to pass an appropriations bill that would enable expanded drilling of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge's animals.

Bush and his boys will be singing this little ditty all the way to the
voting booth.

The President narrowly missed his Air Force One flight to Boise after arriving just moments after the plane's doors had closed.

"Some expert on CNN said, 'A stitch in time saves nine.' And I thought, Doesn't anyone speak clearly anymore? Nine what?"


If you’re under the false impression that the world is falling into utter moral disrepair, turn your eyes toward Pompeii.

July 26, 2012