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John McCain got more than he expected, with an ad comparing Obama to Paris Hilton. The blowback is just beginning.

Americans channeling their favorite superheroes and villains weigh in on who their political heroes will be in this year's election and why.

With millions of first time-voters expected to go to the polls in November, never has an insane political system been more in need of explanation. You won't find much help here.

Unlike Bush, these guys are determined to play golf as often as possible to support our soldiers overseas.

It takes a lot of work, but it's possible to go green. Start with stopping your junk mail.

The Nation has a long history of publishing images even some of our staunchest fans find offensive. Just ask our cartoonists.

How can John McCain make himself more exciting to voters? He needs to team up with Madonna!

President Bush will seek to comfort victims of his presidency as they try to make sense of the destruction he has caused.


If you’re under the false impression that the world is falling into utter moral disrepair, turn your eyes toward Pompeii.

July 26, 2012