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Glenn Beck, Karl Rove and the rest of the Fox News crew declare the Obama presidency over after just ten months in office.

Jon Stweart says there's a war going on in America, and the stakes are nothing less than Glenn Beck's internal organs.

The Wall Street types consider this unfair--they say they earned their money fair and square.

Going along when China's rotten...

President Obama gets really tough with Senators McConnell, Baucus and Snowe in this Incredible Hulk-inspired sketch.

Stewart takes on the crazy conspiracy theories of the right, starting with the recent Fox News coverage of ACORN.

The inevitable Glenn Beck impression makes its debut, complete with a trembling voice, blatant factual inaccuracies and Hitler salutes.


If you’re under the false impression that the world is falling into utter moral disrepair, turn your eyes toward Pompeii.

July 26, 2012