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In Spielberg's blockbuster aliens encounter human beings and, amazingly, aren't horrified at what they find.

Janet Leigh says she hasn't taken a shower since, but the notion of motherhood took a bath.

Warren Beatty's epic about the life and death of American radical journalist John Reed.

Fred Neil's haunting song, "Everybody's Talkin'" sets the mood for this tragic buddy movie.

The movie may have been set in Korea, but Robert Altman clearly had Vietnam in mind when he made this satire of the American military.

The black and white cinematography of Gordon Willis and the music of George Gershwin make for a pitch-perfect valentine to the Big Apple.

Lyndon Johnson gave this Oscar-winning documentary its title and, with his escalation of the war in Vietnam, its purpose.

Unlike The Godfather, in Martin Scorsese's depiction of New York mafioso, no one pretends to be a man of honor. That's one of the reasons it's so great.

Ingmar Bergman's life-affirming story of the Ekdahl family would be his last feature film. No one ever made a better exit.

Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper revved up their motorcycles and, like Jack Kerouac, inspired a generation of young people to hit the road.


Nearly everything Kubrick exposes in his classic film turns out to be true.

January 23, 2014