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A film about juvenile delinquency left kids dancing in the aisles to devil's music--Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock"--and the rock 'n' roll generation was spawned.

Who doesn't love a hot tootsie-frootsie ice cream?

Ben Kingsley's channeled Mohandas Gandhi so deeply that it's difficult to view pictures of the sainted Indian leader without thinking of the actor.

Twenty-five years before Katy Perry, Jessica Lange kisses a girl and it feels good, even if it is Dustin Hoffman.

The real question is who comes off worse: the callous GM executive, the bunny-cidal woman or Bob Eubanks, the anti-Semitic, joke-telling gameshow host.

A mental institution is the setting for Ken Kesey's 1962 parable about the power of the state.

Hitler was said to have seen this twice. One tends to doubt, however, that he gave it a thumbs up.

The blacklisted Dalton Trumbo wrote this romantic comedy about a queen who in Gregory Peck's arms would much rather be part of the working class--that's a Marxist message for you.

The story may have been set in World War I, but it was the specter of fascism that loomed over Renoir's masterpiece.

Long before Orwell envisioned 1984, Fritz Lang depicted 2026 as a battleground between workers and capitalists beneath an Art Deco city


Nearly everything Kubrick exposes in his classic film turns out to be true.

January 23, 2014