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Peppered with moving, thought-provoking elements, the photographic exhibition "Archive Fever" is fascinating but essentially incoherent.

A tour of the New York art galleries reveals a number of talented artists exploring the possibilities of "bad" representational painting.

Mapping the difficulty, danger and beauty in the art of Nicholas Poussin.

Gustave Courbet's blunt pictorial style and taciturn sensibility prefigured the ambivalence and photographic exactitude of modern painting.

The best location for Lawrence Weiner's conceptual art is in the viewer's own imagination.

A retrospective exhibition of Martin Puryear's sculptures reinvents MoMA's signature atrium space as a site for spiritual longing.

In a new collection of poems by the mentally ill Czech dissident Ivan Blatný, the world and the poet's interpretations of it are continuously transforming.

A new book of Rod Smith's poems maps the geometry of social life in thoughts and phrases.

Susie Linfield | The photographers who documented the Spanish Civil War captured the heart of battle in ways that now seem iconic but were then radically new.