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Lucian Freud

Freud made the case through his art that no body type inherently possesses more capacity to compel than another.

“Crystal of Resistance,” by Thomas Hirschhorn

This year's edition of the Venice Biennale sinks under sprawl and overfamiliarity.

Overpass (2001), by Jeff Wall

Has success spoiled the photography and the art of Jeff Wall?

The Escape of Rochefort (1880–81), by Édouard Manet

Édouard Manet has become a popular painter, yet he remains a difficult and unpredictable one.

'You're So Pretty': On Laurel Nakadate

Most of what we think we see in the photos and films of Laurel Nakadate is our own projection.

Tibor de Nagy’s Painters & Poets; Bill Berkson’s For the Ordinary Artist; William Corbett’s Albert York.

Lynda Benglis

Radiant and obscure, the art of Lynda Benglis and David Hammons has a way of hiding itself.

Sometimes the censor is art’s best friend.

Martin Creed and Gabriel Orozco reduce the artistic gesture to the smallest effective intervention into reality.

As before, hypocrites are lining their coffers by pandering to ignorance and xenophobia.


A solo Koons exhibition, Danto wrote in 1989, was “a vision of an aesthetic hell.”

September 2, 2014