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Henri Matisse, Landscape Near Collioure (1905)

When collecting works of avant-garde art, Albert Barnes and Leo and Gertrude Stein seemed even madder than its makers.

Frieze New York, 2012

Chockablock with art, art fairs are essentially authorless.

Portrait of a Young Man (1478), by Antonello da Messina

How Renaissance painters brought human presence to the fore.

Vanessa, Philadelphia (2006), by Zoe Strauss

Zoe Strauss has turned the streets of Philadelphia into a museum for her photography.

Novecento (1997), by Maurizio Cattelan

An artist known as a trickster and showman stages a disappearing act at the Guggenheim.

Protest Sign, Savannah Spirit

Does the content of a demonstration always exceed and fall short of its ostensible message?

Untitled (2011), by Ida Ekblad

An obscure dissatisfaction, a sense that no formal solution works for long, is shared by the art of Ida Ekblad and Edvard Munch.

From Line (1977), by Lee Ufan

The aesthetic illusions of a Korean artist.


A solo Koons exhibition, Danto wrote in 1989, was “a vision of an aesthetic hell.”

September 2, 2014