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If the stuff of life is corporatized, does art about it become a form of interference in business?

With greater efficiency than the slow efforts for truth and justice, a traveling art exhibition bears witness to the victims of Argentina's "dirty war."

Gordon Matta-Clark's art displays how empty spaces illuminate the structures they are housed in.

The staged images in Jeff Wall's photographs mirror the fictional glamour of film stills and formal painting.

An apocalyptic vision of the Bush Administration, from Houston artist Lynn Randolph.

Artists try to wake up a sleepwalking public to the dangers of climate change.

Jacopo Tintoretto outshines Michelangelo, but his work is rarely seen outside of Venice.

Marden and Manet at MoMA.

Diego Velázquez was a restless innovator, a painter who slyly revealed the ordinariness of his exalted subjects--one is almost tempted to call him modern.

Fernando Botero's latest series of paintings, inspired by the Abu Ghraib photos, immerse us in the experience of suffering in a way the original photographs never did.


A solo Koons exhibition, Danto wrote in 1989, was “a vision of an aesthetic hell.”

September 2, 2014