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Progressives are saying this is a moment of transformational politics. Is the party leadership listening?

Hillary's signature attire is one phase in women's power-dressing; Michelle's sheath is another. But the shoes...

The Nation's Publisher Emeritus reflects on every convention since 1956--and ahead to Obama's historic moment.

The national news narrative from Denver is completely nuts: consider the unsourced myth of the Clinton-Obama feud.

Rep. Jim McDermott and Nation editorial board member Tom Hayden discuss how the US can end the Iraq war quickly and responsibly.

Undecided voters don't care about left or right: they simply want a candidate they can trust. As he shifts to the center, Obama risks losing his greatest asset--authenticity.

If Barack Obama is promishing change from the bottom up, then what's driving the protests in Denver?

If there were any real news here, 15,000 journalists would be reporting it. Instead, they gather soundbites from a few nut cases who consider politics a form of therapy.

Rep. John Conyers and Rep. Barbara Lee discuss what a progressive policy on world hunger and the spread of HIV would look like.

The Nation's reporter in Georgia talks about being assaulted by Ossetian paramilitaries. Plus: A DNC preview.