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Madison Smartt Bell's new biography of Toussaint Louverture explores the complexities of the man who created modern Haiti.

New biographies of Andrew Carnegie and Andrew Mellon depict the two primeval capitalists in all their contradictory complexity.

Two books about Kofi Annan illuminate the controlling relationship between the US and the United Nations.

A biography of Bernard Fall examines the life of the man who laid the foundations for contemporary war reporting.

The Friendship describes how Wordsworth and Coleridge's fiercely uneven relationship affected their lives and work.

Isaac B. Singer: A Life fails to fully illustrate the complexity of the writer's struggle with his heritage.

A new biography of William James portrays a man who made a brilliant career of asking tough questions.

William Empson's writing shaped modern criticism. A new biography restores him to his proper eminence.

Victoria Glendinning's biography of Leonard Woolf looks at a remarkable
public intellectual whose life and work were eclipsed by his more famous

The Unfree French looks at the German occupation of Vichy; Bad Faith is a grim biography of a French collaborator.


 A look back on John Lennon's New York years.

November 22, 2010