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Vincent Carretta's Equiano, the African is the complex narrative of a Carolina
slave who bought his freedom, married an English woman and published a
memoir on his life as a seafarer and gentleman.

A womanizing gospel king and black-pride pop star, Sam
Cooke led a short life filled with contradiction.

Billie Holiday wasn't just adored by her fans but by her
friends and colleagues as well.

A new biography of one of the Enlightment's most remarkable thinkers.

The story of Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun illustrates the value of a truly independent judiciary.

Paul Johnson and Christopher Hitchens's new books on the Founding Fathers.

A biography of Utilitarian philosopher Henry Sidgwick sheds new light on life in the Victorian era.

For abolitionist John Brown, equality was not a theoretical stance but a daily practice.

Christopher Marlowe's life was short, sharp and irresistible.

The Jack Johnson story is about many things, but none more emphatically than the meaning of manhood to the Anglo-Saxon imagination at the turn of the century.


 A look back on John Lennon's New York years.

November 22, 2010