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Taylor Branch and a president's prodigious appetite for vindication before the bar of history.

Howard Zinn's writings remain essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the upheavals of the '60s

A conversation with the author of The Professor about her affair with an older woman and the journals of Susan Sontag.

A poignant memoir about life in the occupied territories during the second intifada.

J.M. Coetzee's Summertime and the fictions of self-deception.

A long-lost memoir of the Spanish Civil War moves jaggedly between boredom, fleeting triumphs and terror.

Over a decade ago, in his novel The Ax, Donald E. Westlake captured the ruthlessness and anomie of economic Darwinism.

Laura Miller's study of C.S. Lewis falls short of providing a coherent theory of Narnia's magic.

In The Winter Sun, Fanny Howe proves to be a reluctant and rebellious memoirist.

A half-century later, re-evaluating the works of C. Wright Mills, in The Politics of Truth.


Ahmed Chalabi’s daughter recounts the family’s saga and the ancien regime.

March 7, 2011