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There's more to the legend of Jane Jacobs than her showdown with Robert Moses.

Across the border from San Diego in Tijuana, a spontaneous urban space is taking shape off the radar of city planners, as an affluent city sheds its aging houses and its pieces are reassembled into creative dwellings for the poor.

A retrospective exhibition of Martin Puryear's sculptures reinvents MoMA's signature atrium space as a site for spiritual longing.

Michael Rakowitz talks about his art, the possibility of public space and the Iraq War.

As conditions worsen inside Baghdad's embattled Green Zone, construction continues on a grandiose US Embassy complex that mirrors Bush Administration delusions of a reordered Middle East. Take a virtual tour.

A tribute to Jane Jacobs's extraordinary vision of urban life and her
passionate care for people and places.

New Orleans did not die an accidental death--it was murdered by
deliberate design and planned neglect. Here are twenty-five urgent
questions from the people who live in a city submerged in anger and

The undulating monoliths in architect Peter Eisenman's Holocaust
memorial in Berlin are more banal than beautiful--which suits Eisenman

New homes for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina need not be the
penitentiary-style public housing we've come to dread. Bring in
architects who know how to create human-scale dwellings for the poor.