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Iraq is America's colonial war. Arguments for maintaining colonial rule in India are almost identical to the justifications offered for the continuing presence of US troops in Iraq and escalation of the war.

Thirty years after Watergate, we again face a constitutional crisis at home and a misconceived war abroad. The United States will remain a helpless giant until we finally learn that power in the nuclear, postimperial age is diplomatic, not military.

The crises faced by Bush signal not only the errors of his
Administration but the end of imperialism itself--and the emergence of
new, more dangerous forces.

Instead of Bush's imperial presidency, America needs the vision of
Congressional progressives: rapid withdrawal from Iraq, universal
healthcare, campaign reform and a shift to renewable energy.

As a political marketing device, Bush's address was brilliant.

It did not take long for a term that not long ago was slanderous to become a cliché.

This article is excerpted from Gore Vidal's latest book, Imperial America, just published by Nation Books.

Is the United States--as so many have said, in celebration or dismay--a planet-mastering empire or not? The question presses upon us as George W.

Can someone win the presidency entirely on the basis of a negative asset?

In Central Asia, powerful players are competing for influence and energy sources.