Will Zephyr Teachout Run for Office Again?

The anti-corruption crusader says we’re in a “once-in-a-century democratic crisis” that demands new leadership.

William D. Cohan

Fast Food CEO Blames Low-Wage Workers for Poverty

Andy Puzder neglects to mention that it’s the poverty wages his company pays its workers that force them to rely on the social safety net.

Deepak Bhargava

If Abortion Were About Equality, Would Americans Like It Better?

It is—and that’s the problem.

Katha Pollitt

The Supreme Court

The Good News Buried in the Supreme Court’s Lethal Injection Decision

Both Justices Breyer and Ginsburg indicated that they view the death penalty as unconstitutional. Could three more justices agree with them in the near future?

Bruce Shapiro

The Undetermined Legacy of ‘Obergefell v. Hodges’

Beyond legalizing same-sex marriage, Justice Kennedy’s opinion made profound arguments about liberty under the Constitution and advanced a novel jurisprudence of dignity.

Nan D. Hunter

What’s Next for the GOP After the Obamacare Ruling?

Republicans should probably be relieved at the outcome, but more trouble lies ahead.

George Zornick

Focus on Education

Why Philanthropy Won’t Solve the Higher-Ed Crisis

Relying on the rich to make college affordable for poor students reinforces the system that created those inequalities in the first place.

William Deresiewicz

This Professor Was Fired for Saying ‘Fuck No’ in Class

The misuse of sexual-harassment policies by pusillanimous college administrators is creating a campus panic.

Michelle Goldberg

How A Right-Wing Political Machine Is Dismantling Higher Education in North Carolina

What began as isolated ideological attacks is looking more and more like a wholesale gutting of the state’s public colleges.

Zoë Carpenter

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