What a Band of 20th-Century Alabama Communists Can Teach Black Lives Matter and the Offspring of Occupy

On the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking history, Hammer and Hoe, author Robin D.G. Kelley discusses the lessons Alabama’s forgotten black communists can offer today’s activists.

Sarah Jaffe

Feminism Does Not Depend on Whether You Take Your Husband’s Name

Changing your name is not a feminist act. At the same time, you have not betrayed feminism if you change your name.

Michelle Goldberg

Three Weeks After Obama Announced His Clean-Power Plan, He Greenlit New Oil Drilling in the Arctic

What’s driving the president’s bafflingly two-faced climate policy?

Mark Hertsgaard

Focus on Birthright Citizenship

Birthright Citizenship Is the Good Kind of American Exceptionalism

So why are the GOP candidates now fighting it?

Eric Foner

Give Trump This: The 14th Amendment Has Been Working Overtime

How healthy is it to found a democracy on this one slender reed?

Richard Kreitner

The Racist Roots of the GOP’s Favorite New Immigration Plan

Birthright citizenship is enshrined in the 14th Amendment, but Donald Trump and other candidates are keeping alive the idea that some Americans should not have equal rights at birth.

Zoë Carpenter

Focus on 2016

Rays of Light in the Shadow of Dark Money

Amid the onslaught of anonymous political donations, some grassroots activists are gearing up for a counteroffensive. Here are five promising strategies for 2016 and beyond.

Alyssa Katz

Can Hillary Clinton Win Over the Left?

She’s spent decades seeking refuge in the center. Will progressives embrace her now?

Michelle Goldberg

Elizabeth Warren Is a More Interesting Late-Entry Prospect Than Joe Biden

If there is a space for another candidate, why limit the speculation to the vice president?

John Nichols

Take Action

Defend Planned Parenthood Against Republican Attacks

After anti-choice activists released a misleading video, Republicans are intent on defunding Planned Parenthood—once again putting women’s access to much-needed health care at risk.

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